Foodservice concept

Scopri alcuni foodservice retailer che esporranno e presenteranno il loro concetto durante le sessioni di conferenze "Food Talks".


The Avocado Show is the world’s first avocado restaurant franchise, serving Pretty Healthy Food made from sustainable avocados in multiple countries. Founded by 2 creative friends from Amsterdam with a new style of doing business, the concept went viral and made headlines in over 60 countries. All this love and attention attracted a huge fan base and developed the company into a lifestyle brand that appeals to avocado lovers all over the globe.

The Avocado Show also released their own line of merchandise and products, published an all pink cookbook and created a documentary focussed on sustainability called "The Future Is Green". 

Year of creation: 2017
Country of creation: Netherlands
Number of restaurants: 4
Average restaurant size: 150m²

Type of location: High street, shopping mall, travel & other
Already present in: Netherlands, Belgium, UK
Want to develop in: EU & GCC


SOHO Coffee opened its first store in 1999 — at the very start of the UK’s love affair with coffee culture. The SOHO Coffee Co. brand now spans the high street, retail, healthcare, travel & leisure sectors in the UK and internationally. Being privately owned and fiercely independent, we’re determined to stay true to our core passion: to craft excellent, Fairtrade and organic coffee and serve flavour-packed, artisan food, handmade in our own kitchens.
Partnering this with the exceptional personal service that our teams deliver, we offer our customers an original and honest alternative to the ‘blandom’ of corporate food and beverage brands. When it comes to our food, we’re not into mass produced, packaged sandwiches - and we’re not fans of the bland chain vibe either. Each one of our lovely SOHO Coffee stores is individual, from the interiors to the wonderful staff that put their own, unique stamp on them. 


Year of creation: 1999
Country of creation: United Kingdom
Number of restaurants: 39
Average restaurant size: 150m²

Type of location: high street, shopping mall & travel retail
Already present in: UK, Eire, Spain, Portugal, Qatar
Want to develop in: Europe, GCC


Booth: T25

Paulaner Franchise & Consulting is the world's leading franchisor of true and authentic german-bavarian restaurants, offering a full 360° degree restaurant concept to operational partners all over the world. With more than 20 years of experience and having successfullty developed more than 50 units all around the globe, Paulaner Franchise & Consulting is constantly looking for strategic partners to grow our brand in international markets.

Year of creation: 1996
Country of creation: Germany
Number of restaurants: 50
Average restaurant size: 700 sqm

Type of location: high street & shopping mall
Already present in: China, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore
Want to develop in: EU, CEE, China, Russia, APAC


Booth: T36

Esquires Coffee was founded in 1993 in Vancouver, Canada. Today, Esquires is owned by Cooks Global Foods, a public listed company on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

Esquires is a well-developed franchise system that is adaptable to many different models and markets. We provide a bespoke solution for every partner's needs.

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT, AS THE ESQUIRES BRAND CONTINUES TO GROW ITS FAMILY OF CAFES AND CUSTOMERS AROUND THE WORLD. Today, you’ll find Esquires in many neighbourhoods. We are currently in 10 International Markets, proudly serving Esquires Organic and Fairtrade Coffee. Our brand has evolved, as have our cafes, food and beverage offerings, but our ethos and aspiration remains true. We are always looking to grow the family of Esquires Cafes with Multi Store, Regional partners that also enjoy coffee and food, value our local positioning and have good honest values.

Let us introduce you to the Opportunity to join our Family.

Year of creation: 1993
Country of creation: Canada
Number of restaurants: 108
Average restaurant size: 150-300 sqm

Type of location: high street, shopping mall & other
Already present in: UK, Ireland, Portugal, China, Indonesia, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan
Want to develop in: all other countries in mainland Europe, USA/Canada, UAE, Egypt, India, Thailand, South Africa - open to other countries depending on proposal.


Booth: FB.E10

Matassa aims to blend the Italian tradition of fresh homemade pasta with oriental traditions, especially Chinese and Japanese, in which pasta is considered a main dish.

Culinary experimentation, research and creativity: these are the main ingredients that will allow us to create and share different types of fresh pasta with our customers, from Italian regional specialties to oriental noodles, ramen and jiaozi, and allow them to experience a unique journey of taste with different fresh pasta dishes from all over the world.

The heart of the Matassa project is the open kitchen where we produce fresh pasta inside every location. Our recipes are created based on local ingredients that are carefully selected and of the highest quality. A short supply chain guarantees quality ingredients that are always fresh and available daily.

Matassa is creative freedom that doesn’t betray culinary traditions but creates a unique journey through the world’s flavors, thanks to the love of pasta and the pleasure of enjoying a great meal in a comfy atmosphere with a cosmopolitan vibe.

Year of creation: 2018
Country of creation: Italy
Number of restaurants: 3
Average restaurant size: 100 sqm

Type of location: high street, shopping mall & travel retail
Already present in: Italy, Nepal, India
Want to develop in: worldwide

Con oltre 2,200 partecipanti attesi inclusi oltre 500 retailer del settore della ristorazione commerciale, MAPIC FOOD è l'evento che permette ai brand e gli operatori del settore F&B di entrare in contatto con gli operatori del mercato immobiliare commerciale. Una piattaforma di business unica ed esclusiva che ti permetterà di incontrare il partner idoneo per sviluppare il tuo business.