Food retail industry insights

MAPIC FOOD is a two day event gathering all the food service retailers and retail property companies together but it's also a hub for F&B content.

 Here you will find key content dealing with industry matters such as:

-The new business opportunities presented by travel retail for food retail companies.

-The digital technologies that enhance customer experience

-The creation of food halls in retail locations to boost their appeal

-The increasing importance of food delivery and logistics solutions for International food retail companies

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The dark side of the boom

Amid the F&B boom, has come a second boom - in delivery.

Driven by millennials, who think nothing of ordering in food two or three times a week and who expect fast service, wide choice and good value, a whole new industry has emerged to cater for their seemingly endless appetite. Such has been demand that established restaurants have sometimes struggled to cope with a horde of motorbike helmetclad couriers waiting in line for collection and have had to consider reconfiguring their restaurants to ensure the in-store experience is not impacted or to move delivery out to so-called dark kitchens. 

How to build the FOOD destinations of tomorrow?

In the spotlight this week...

What is Jonathan Doughty hungry for?

Jonathan Doughty, Global head of Foodservice, leisure and Placemaking at ECE Projektmanagement GmbH lays a stress on what is a successful food and beverage concept. For him, the location and the experience given to the customers are the main important one. It deals with the right Placemaking creations!

Zoom on key topics covered in the Interview:

•What are the hottest food trends that customers are hungry for?

• And how they impact the actual offer of food and beverage?

• F&B is the new hot topic for retail venues. How property companies are now considering F&B as an anchor in their shopping malls/department stores/Transit zones/ Cities?

•Is there a change in the kind of store format to answer to the market needs?

•What are the main territories to be in and the best way to go (local operations, direct operations)?

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Zoom on Travel retail

Making F&B work on the go!

In airports and transit zones, food operators have the ideal opportunity to attract a captive audience and to reach new audiences – if the offer is right.

•The opportunities for restaurants & food retail companies in travel retail locations

•Transit zones located on daily customers journeys

•Create human experiences around passengers!

Food trends for F&B operators

What’s on the menu for F&B?

Four experts from different markets and parts of the industry are giving tips on how to create a menu for success.

•Capturing the latest initiatives, fads and long-term consumer food trends has become increasingly complex for food operators.

•What advice would you give food operators about how they shape and adapt their offers?

F&B Retailers and F&B Operators

New food concepts, fresh ideas, food experience

Discover how to expand F&B concepts internationally and what are the best operating models!

Consumers may have a seemingly inexhaustible appetite for F&B but at the same time the need to create fresh and differentiated offers has never been more important. Innovation is not only the preserve of start-ups and operators migrating from trucks, stalls and pop-ups to outlets but is also apparent among the biggest international operators. 

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Nick Schapira, Strategy Dev. Director, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group, UK

What is Nick perfect lunch box?

Nick Schapira answers a serie of questions dealing with the food industry and more particularly the international food retail companies.

•What is the main ingredient for success in food and beverage today?

•What makes a restaurant’s experience unique!

•What element makes a shopping mall stand out?

•What are the most promising food trends?

Watch him share his recipies for success!

Alexandre Maizoué - CEO of Group Planet Sushi

What is Alexandre hungry for?

Get key insights from food service operators from around Europe! Find out what is influencing the food industry today and how food service operators are adapting.

 For Alexandre Maizoué, Today food delivery is a key concept for Planet sushi. The arrival of aggregators has evolved the model considerably! We need to compromise with these aggregators and set partnerships, we have to adapt. Relations with landlords will evolve. Now you can have food delivered to your home and over the next few years we will inevitably need restaurants of different size, corners…

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